Ciao Italia

OMG I WENT TO ITALY! I'M STILL NOT OVER IT!!! Well besides eating lots of pasta, pizza, gelato and drinking all the wine they had... I had an amazing time!! I went to mainly Florence, along with Milan, Pisa, and Cinque Terre. I was only there for a week and it def was not enough! I'm already making plans to go back one day, especially Milan! I only had 1 real day there. I got to visit my cousin there as she studied abroad and its just amazing getting to explore places with people you know! It'll be something we can always share!

I'll just give a quick overview of my fave spots in each city since I know you guys are really just looking at my pictures ;)

FLORENCE: Climbing to the top of the Duomo, the view at Piazza Michelangelo while eating cheese and crackers and drinking wine straight from the bottle, seeing The David, walking along Ponte Vecchio everyday, having the cutest Airbnb for a real European experience, The Klimt Experience, eating gelato basically everyday, finding the cutest little bar and drinking spritz, and feeling like I was in a movie.

MILAN: THE DUOMO!! ahh dream come true! The Wes Anderson Cafe (Bar Lucce) at the Prada museum, shopping in Milan, randomly finding a carnival in the middle of the city, Parco Sempion, and the fashion! The train station that makes Grand Central look like ehh, buying a Louis Vuitton passport cover at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, seeing Stevie super excited about friend chicken, bobba tea and Chinese food, basically anything not Italian. Milan was by far my favorite part of the trip!

CINQUE TERRE: UMM JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!! the views! the food! the wine! for sure the best wine I had on the trip, I regret so much not buying another bottle to bring home ): But yeah as a photographer it was amazing taking all the pictures my memory card could hold! So to get there is an adventure in itself, but to get from town to town you can either hike or take a train. From Riomaggiore to Manarola we hiked.. and it was the hardest thing I've ever done.. like I cried haha, but luckily my friends let me push through it! and now I can say I hiked Cinque Terre!!! and it was beautiful! Afterwords we had lunch in Vernazza, and best seafood ever!!! We boogied out and it was totally worth it! especially after that hike! So thank you Giselle and Lisa for making me hike even though I hated it at first!

PISA: Honestly its kinda boring... haha. Of course I took the basic picture of me holding up the leaning tower but thats about it... I would honestly recommend about 2 hours max there. If you're going to Cinque its a great stop beforehand! If I ever go again and someone is begging to go, take a train to Pisa first stay about 2 hours (max) and head over to Cinque!! Trust me its all you need...