Postcards from New York

Ever since I visited New York the first time I had been eager to go back! So when my cousin told me she was going right after my graduation I basically invited myself and got on their same flight! Since I had been there before I was essentially their tour guide, which was fun! Not only did I get to see a lot of things I already had, but I did so many fun new things! The first night we did a double decker bus tour which was awesome! Super touristy but hey you can kinda see everything in about 2 hours! Of course over the week we did Top of the Rock, Empire State, Central Park, Times Square and Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island(which I didn't visit last time, since it was closed for Thanksgiving). Out of the new stuff I did was MoMA and The Met!! Which omg o loved waaaay too much! We also saw Anastasia on broadway, which I highly recommend! We got to go to Brooklyn, and I explored new parts of Central Park which I hadn't before, like Strawberry Fields, and we saw the boathouse! I also got to buy the last piece of my jewlery set at Tiffany's on 5th Ave! If you didn't know my mom has given me a piece every important birthday/event, and I finally got the earrings part of it! (I got the ring as a 18th/HS grad gift, and the necklace for my 21st birthday, and now the earrings for college graduation)!

AHH NYC! theres still so much more to explore and I absolutely cannot wait to go back!! Hopefully sing snow again! Its beautiful during the summer, but NY in the fall/winter just stole my heart!